At the bottom of the screen in the Message app, there will be a unique feature in iOS 11. It will provide fast access to applications. You can always hide such apps that you don’t use usually. But unfortunately, you cannot conceal Store icon. You can’t even hide the bar.
Rarely you may need to enter into Recovery Mode on an iPad Pro in order to restore iOS or update iOS software. The latest iPad Pro models without a Home button make the typical process of getting into Recovery Mode impossible however, so if you have a new iPad Pro 11 inch or 12.9 inch model without a Home button you might be wondering how to enter into Recovery Mode on the 2018 iPad Pro and beyond.
MacOS Mojave is available as an unrestricted beta for the subsequent age of Mac software. For some years now, Apple is availing public betas for MacOS. It is primarily for those who are interested in trying out upcoming software. Directly download MacOS Mojave beta and install it further. Although it isn’t a very complicated process, this article will reduce some minor pains too.
Creating and grouping apps into the folders are the best way to reduce clutter on iPhone home screen. Create a separate folder for your games, music app, messaging apps and make them easily accessible.
Are you running iOS 12 on your iPhone? Good news for you all iOS 12 users have now got an enhanced set of security features available than before. On September 12 Apple released its new products and services including the iOS 12 software update for iPhone and iPads.
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